Salman International is a pioneer and specialized in the collection and recycling of used garments. We are specialists and guarantors in exporting them to the Kingdom, because we are the only ones in the Kingdom who, with other partners, have factories outside the Kingdom to recycle clothes. We have been working in this field for a long time. We have extensive experience in contracting with official bodies such as charities located in the Kingdom. We have an integrated team, trained and experienced in collecting, sorting, sorting, and recycling in an integrated and organized work. We also have a large number of specialized & And export to abroad and able to cover all regions of the Kingdom.

We also have a central warehouse equipped with special machines, equipment and presses for clothing and processing for export, and sub-warehouses capable of absorbing huge amounts of clothing collected in most parts of the Kingdom. We have an operations department for an automated program for vehicle tracking and hotline monitoring of all stages of work.
Objectives of the Environment: Elimination of visual deformity Care of the environment and the civilized face of the regions of the Kingdom. Eliminate the collection, use and use of used clothing in the streets or in garbage containers. Promote environmental awareness by removing and replacing containers with smart containers. Minimize landfills so as to protect the environment from pollution. Ensure the export of used clothing and non-trading in local markets. Social objectives: The operation of a large number of Saudi youth in the surplus used clothing project. Making use of the export income of used clothing for the organization and the concerned parties. Promoting the development of the national economy with the vision of 2030.
Reduce consumption of natural resources and achieve sustainable development. Save the grace of the dress and make use of it. Security objectives: In agreement with the Ministry of the Interior, the institution is committed to the destruction of military clothing collected, and not to export them outside the Kingdom. Place containers in designated and security locations. Containers can be replaced by order of the concerned party to create rooms with aesthetic design and high precision, including three slots for collecting paper, plastic and surplus clothes and placing them only in public places (gardens and malls)